Bellingham Marine is able to offer a range of pre construction services giving our clients the best possible start to their project. When we get involved during the inception stage, we’re able to use our experience to identify and solve potential construction issues early preventing these problems from arising during the construction process.

Bellingham Marine’s pre construction services help establish the design criteria and ensure timely completion of the project. Working hand in hand with clients and engineers through the concept or feasibility stages, Bellingham Marine can provide project planning, design, and engineering services necessary to define and price the project. Bellingham Marine’s Pre-Construction services may include, but are not limited to, the following…

  • Slip layout
  • Assessment and determination of wind and wave climate impacts
  • Preliminary structural calculations to determine approximate pile size, type, length and locations for the dock system
  • Design /engineering necessary to define and price the project
  • Financial proforma analysis