Crescent City is tsunami central. This charming city near the California Redwoods has suffered eleven tsunamis since 1933. Made wiser by two tsunamis in four and a half years, the harbor decided to do more than just rebuild the old marina. They wanted a storm resistant marina.

The pivotal factor in achieving a robust marina is the strength, size and number of pilings. The new steel pilings are 30 inches in diameter, 70 feet long and socketed approximately 35 feet deep into the rock. The outer dock, known as H-dock, is a wave attenuator designed to calm the harbor on a daily basis. It is also the harbor’s first line of defense in the event of a tsunami. The dock and its piling system are designed to survive a wall of water 12 feet tall.

Project Features
  • Unibolt concrete docks
  • 30 in. steel piles supported by 600 lb. pile guides
  • Floating wave attenuator constructed from 160,000 lb. concrete modules
Project Scope

Replacement of tsunami-damaged marina

Services Provided
  • Dock design and supply
  • Oversized concrete modules manufactured on-site
  • Layout optimization