Among a number of ongoing urban waterfront redevelopment projects, The Wharf in Washington, D.C. is the largest in the U.S. and arguably the most comprehensive.

The $2.2 billion project encompasses 50 acres of water and 24 acres of upland improvements. It features three million square feet of new residential, office, hotel, retail, cultural and public space. The water side includes waterfront parks, promenades, piers, docks and three new marina facilities.

Project Features
  • Market Pier (30 slips + 1,230 ft. of side-tie)
  • Transit Pier (900 ft. of side-tie)
  • Capital Yacht Club (100 slips)
  • Recreation Pier (150 ft. of low freeboard dock for paddle craft)
  • Wharf Marina (200 slips + 2,520 ft. of side-tie)
  • East Potomac Park Hop Dock (140 ft. of side-tie)
Project Scope
  • Replacement of existing marinas and piers
Services Provided
  • Design/build, general contractor
  • Installation of docks and utilities